Owner Jose Mendoza and partner Merit Graham share there passion and reason why they chose a Salt Spa.

We had seen a piece on TV about the benefits of salt therapy and how it can be a homeopathic healing for respiratory issues.
Our granddaughter has severe asthma and would use her inhaler several times a day so we decided to take her to a Salt Spa in Walnut Creek. She had a 45 minute session and immediately felt improvement and the use of her inhaler went from daily to once a week. Halo-therapy works different for everyone, I have allergies and I now have no need for allergy medicine. Salt therapy/or halo therapy (halo) meaning salt in Greek is truly for anyone and everyone who wants to feel an overall well-being...
After taking our granddaughter to the spa in walnut creek we started doing research on halo-therapy and found out that it's a top spa trend cross the country. We've both been in the hospitality industry for years so we work well together and we are now the proud owners of the only salt spa in our area.
We truly feel like this was meant to be .